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Is there a subject your child “HATES”? If so.......................our program can help!

  • The Kids Care Plus tutoring program is based upon the belief that everyone is teachable, and an effective teaching process uses logical, organized, teaching methods in which the student teaches himself how to learn. We call this method the “Discovery Process of Teaching.”
  • A credentialed teacher supervises the tutorial program. Tutors act as teaching coaches, by using positive reinforcement, building students' skills, and directing home practice. Simple, logical, immediate feedback is an important part of our individual and small group classes.
  • Various forms of positive reinforcement are a part of each lesson.  Prizes, stickers, cards, certificates and even money are used to encourage hard work and success.



  • To encourage positive growth in learning and specific subject areas.
  • To raise the knowledge and skill level of each student to a competitive level.
  • To improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To teach students how to think, plan and study more effectively and independently.
  • To give students and parents a support system.